“A person feels safety”

The central direction of national safety is forming safe environment for realization of human rights and freedoms.

Safety (according to the State Standard) is a protected condition of personal, social and state important interests from internal and external treats.

Safety is a condition of a difficult system where influence of internal and external factors don’t make system worse or don’t make its operation and development impossible.

Safety of a person is a condition when influence of internal and external factors don’t lead to the death, development deterioration of organism, consciousness, mind and a person at all, and also don’t prevent from definite desirable purposes of a person.

Safety based on freedom is a system of activities directed to freedom protection of a person as a main condition of his interests’ realization.

The final purpose of safety is to achieve a steady condition of every person to realize the opportunity of his main needs satisfaction and own rights security in any situation even in an unfavorable one.