Arzamastsev Anatoly – a candidate of pedagogical sciences. The author of the first law "About Employment of the Russian Federation" in 1991. He headed the Russian State Committee on Employment. Director of Research and Education Center of personal training “ProfCenter”, "HR-School "Personalistiks", Russian Academy of Entrepreneurship in Moscow region division.




Bazarov Tahir. Doctor of psychological sciences, professor. He is a vice-president and executive director of the Russian Psychological Society (since 1994), member of the Academic Council of Moscow State University (2002), deputy editor of “the Russian Psychological Journal" (2004), the scientific director of the Institute of Applied Psychology HSE (since 2007).





Vyacheslav Bobkov – a Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, Honored Worker of Science in the Russian Federation. A member of the International Academy of Informatization, Interregional Academy of Labor and Employment, Russian Academy of social Education. Director of the Russian Center for the level of life.




Leo Bokeria, Director of Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery of Bakulev RAMS, member of the Public Chamber of the RF. Leading heart surgeon of Russia, a famous scientist and organizer of medical science. President of the Russian public organization "National Health League".




Vladimir Volokh, the chairman of the Public Council of the Russian FMS, Deputy of the Head of the Migration Management Department of the State University of Management.





Genkin Boris – a Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation since 1998, member of the International Academy of Higher Education, Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, head of labor management and social processes Department. Author of over 190 publications in the sphere of setting of labor quotas and wages.



Gertsii Yury. The Head of the Federal Service for Labor and Employment. Chief State Labor Inspector of the Russian Federation. PhD in Sociology. He has state awards.





Viktor Grishin. Rector of the REU of Plekhanov since 2008, doctor of economic sciences. In 1996 he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Mordovia. From 2000 to 2002 - Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Federal Affairs and Regional Policy of the State Duma. From 2002 to 2007 - Chairman of the Committee.




Information about the person is verified.





Marina Dobrovolskaya - Chairman of the public organization "Russian Union of Women's Navy", chairman of the political movement "Women of Russia", deputy of the Russian State Duma of the first convocation (1993-1995).





Egorshin Alexander - professor, Doctor of Economics. Rector of the Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Management and Business, Honored Scientist of Russia, winner of the Russian competition "Manager of the Year - 2004" in nomination "Education sector".




Vasily Zhukov - Russian scientist, founder and rector of the Russian State Social University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (1997), winner of the Russian Federation in the sphere of education.




Nikolai Zakharov. PhD. Of Philosophy, professor, academician of the Academy of creative pedagogy, academician of the International Academy of pedagogical education Sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Grand Doctor of Philosophy (Oxford), Professor of the International University of Vienna. Member of the expert council of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of non-government education sector, a member of the Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education in Perm.




Bogdan Zbyshko. Doctor of economic sciences, professor. Counselor of the Labor and Social Policy Committee. He works at the juridical Faculty of Moscow State Humanitarian University of Mikhail Sholokhov, a professor of state law and municipal government Department in the REU of Plekhanov.





Zubarevich Natalia - Doctor of Geographical Sciences, director of the regional program of the Independent Institute of Social Policy, an expert in the sphere of social and economic regional development, social and political geography, professor of geographical Department in Moscow State University.



Ishin Viacheslav. Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent of the REU of Plekhanov. He participated in the organization of the state employment service in Krasnogorsk and the Moscow region at all. He worked as chief specialist at the Ministry of Labor of the USSR. He took part in the improvement of employment legislation in the Russian Federation. Author of different articles about employment, labor market and unemployment. For a long time he was a counselor of the Labor and Social Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma.



Yuri Kalinin, Lenin Prize winner, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science in Russia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Scientific and Production Association "Biotechnology - XXI century".




Kapitza Sergey. Russian and Soviet scientist, broadcaster, editor of the journal "In the world of science." Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, chief researcher at the Institute of Physical Problems. Professor, creator of phenomenological mathematical model of the hyperbolic growth of the population. Author and presenter of TV-show "Unbelievable."



Sergey Kartashov. Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, one of the founders of Moscow labor exchange, doctor of economic sciences, professor, manager of training and retraining of unemployed people in Moscow, developed the concept of control the regional labor market. Since 2006 - Dean of the Faculty of State Labor and Employment Service of Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.




KibanovArdalyon- Doctor of EconomicSciences, professor.He founded thefirst Russiandepartmentof Personnel Management (State University of Management). The team of authors under the guidance of Kibanov developed a set of textbooks on specialty "Personnel management". This work was awarded the prize of the Government in the sphere of education 2006. Kibanov- member of theInstituteof Sociologyand Human Resourcesand member of theSUM. He is the chairmanof the editorial boardandeditor of"Kadrovik".



Kollarik Teodor. Doctor of Psychology. Director of the Institute of Psychology of State University named John Kamensky (Bratislava). Dean of the Faculty of Psychology of pan-European higher education. Expert in the sphere of social psychology.





Kolesnikova Olga - ex – director of Main Department of the State Employment Service of Voronezh region. Honored Worker of Labor and social protection of the Russian Federation. Doctor of economic sciences, professor. Author of more than 100 scientific works and publications on issues of improving the management of employment. Professor of Voronezh State University.




Kolosova Riorita - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Labor Economics and Economic Faculty staff of Moscow State University. She was awarded the medal "Labor Veteran" (1988), "the 850th anniversary of Moscow" (1997), the Medal of the Society "Knowledge" of the Russian Federation (1980). Honored Worker of Higher School of Russia (1998).




Sergey Komkov. President of the All-Russian Education Fund, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy, a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), a member of the European Academy of Informatization (Belgium), the author of more than 100 scientific publications on education and training.





Irina Kuznetsova – Director of Center for professional orientation and psychological support "Resource" (Yaroslavl). PhD in Psychology. Master of the University of Manchester (England). Author of more than 70 publications in the field of counseling, quality of education, self-determination, HR-management, etc. Winner of the Yaroslavl region "For achievements in the field of education".




Kulapov Mikhail. Doctor of economic sciences, professor. Dean of the Faculty of Management of REU named Plekhanov. Laureate of the Russian Government in the sphere of education in 2005. Honored Worker of Higher School of Russia. Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.




Kazimov Charles - Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, Professor of RSCU, State Counselor of the Russian Federation, Winner of the President Prize.



Mitrofanova Elena - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of "Human Resources Management" Department, director of the Institute for Advanced Training of State Service staff, Laureate of the Russian Government Prize, a member of the editorial board, editor of "Human Resource Management” journal. Author of numerous publications and educational materials on various aspects of HR-management and labor economics.




Narochnitskaya Natalia - Russian politician, historian and political scientist. Doctor of Historical Sciences. The founder of the "Russian civil movement". Specialist in general issues of international relations. Senior Researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of Russian Academy of Sciences. Deputy of the Russian State Duma of the fourth convocation in 2003-2007. Member of Commission for Russian history falsification resistance since 2009.




Nikolaeva Elena. Member of the Board of the Public Chamber of Russia, Chairman of the Public Chamber's Commission on Social and Demographic Policy. First Deputy Chairman of State Duma committee on housing policy and housing and communal services. Chairman of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia", Chairman of the Board of the National Health Development Fund.



Odegov Yuri - professor, doctor of economic sciences. Honored Worker of Science in Russia. Laureate of Russian Government Prize in the sphere of education in 2005. Academician of RANS. Member of the editorial boards of several scientific journals. Since 1992 - Head of the Department of Human Resource Management in REU named Plekhanov.





Patriarch Kirill (Vladimir Gundyaev) - Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, from 1st February 2009 - Patriarch of Moscow and Russia.







Pohvoschev Vladimir – Vice-director of the Department of Labor Employment in USSR, Head of the Department of Management in Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS (Institute), Honored Scientist of Russia, laureate of the Russian President prize in the sphere of education, doctor of economic sciences, professor.





Prokopov Fedor - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor. Executive Vice-President of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Managing Director of Labor Relations and Social Policy of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.





Ragozin Yuri - Chairman of Labor and Employment Committee of Moscow region. He was awarded the medal "In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow", Medal "For Meritorious Service", medal "For merits in social and labor sphere of 2 degree”.





Semyon Resnick - doctor of economic sciences, professor. Director of the Institute of Economics and Management, Head of "Management" Department at Penza State University of Architecture and Construction. Developed courses: Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Personal Management, Management of the higher education institution, Dissertation Management. Honored Worker of Science in the RF.




Leonid Roshal. Pediatric surgeon, Doctor of medical science, Professor, President of the National Medical Chamber, the Director of the Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery, Member of the Public Chamber. Awards: "Children's Doctor of the World" (1996), "Star of Europe 2005”, expert of the World Health Organization.





Victor Sadovnichy - a famous Russian scientist and public figure. Fundamental works in mathematics, mechanics, and a number of applied researches belong to him. In 1992 he became rector of the leading university of the country – Moscow State University.




Igor Smirnov - Doctor of Philosophy, professor, laureate of the Russian President Prize in the sphere of education. Scientific director of the journal "Professional Education. Capital", Member of the European Association of Institutions of professional education.




Oleg Smolin. State Duma deputy, chairman of the Committee on Education. Doctor of Philosophy. First Vice-President of Paralympic Committee of Russia. President of the Society "Knowledge" of Russia. Chairman of the Russian movement "Education - for all." President of the Publishers Association and users of textbooks "Russian textbook".





Stroganova Tatyana - Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor, head of Psychophysiology Department of MSUPE (Moscow State University of Psychology and Education), head of neurocognitive research Center.





Chistyakova Svetlana - Russian educator. Doctor of Education, Professor. Member of Russian Academy of Education on basic professional education Department. Chief scientific worker of RAE, Head of the center of self-determination and professional orientation. He has more than 100 publications, including 6 books. Expert in the sphere of methods of secondary education.



Shatalova N. - Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor. Head of Personnel Management and sociology Department at the Urals State University of Railway Transport.


Tatyana Yakovleva - social and political activist. Chairman of the State Duma of The Federal Assembly on health protection. She was awarded the Medal of Honor. Member of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of the Party "UNITED RUSSIA".