Terms of participation in SocialExpo

The main term of participation in SocialExpo is innovation or efficiency of projects, technologies, exhibits.

Exhibitor is offered the following tariffs of stand:


Kind of stand Description of the stand


(VAT not included)

6 months 12 months
1) Textual
  • up to 2 photos
  • up to one page of A4 text
70 100
2) Photo stand
  • up to 5 photos
  • up to two pages of A4 text
100 150
3) Video stand
  • up to 8 photos
  • up to three pages of A4 text
  • video no longer than 2 minutes
160 210
4) Individual Individual offer Contract price
5) Business Card


Introduction of the company,

its goods/services

30 60


The order should be 6 months at least.


The exhibit can use the following services:

-Elaboration and adoption of social technologies for regions and organizations;

-Sociological researching;

-Consulting on social questions;

-Promotion of customer technologies;

-Mediation in the sale of technologies;

-Advertising on the site;

-Educational services of “NEI ProfCentr” and Russian Academy of Entrepreneurship;

-Social audit;

-HR - certification;

-Social analysis of regions.

If conditions of placing the exhibits are necessary to change, questions are examined in individual form.

 e-mail: info@socialexpo.ru