Welcome to the exhibition "SocialExpo"

About project

SocialExpo is a virtual exhibition of achievements in social sphere. It’s a place of best social technologies. It was designed to gather the best world experience in all directions of social life, KNOW-HOW that can change human’s life and social connections in one place. All aspects from education to housing and communal services, from psychology to party building, from an individual to national character are presented here. SocialExpo - internet is a gallery of social sphere and social technology of constant operation.


The mission of SocialExpo is demonstration of the best novelties and achievements and their bringing up to consumers. The main target is adoption of the existing experience and its introduction. It’s a place for ideas exchange and sale.


To reveal innovative effective social technologies and inventions that can improve social existence. Russia as practically the whole world lacks for the market of social innovations and technologies, and the place for experience adoption and social technologies introduction.


SocialExpo was built on the model of real exhibitions. Here you can exhibit your social technologies, projects and already existing and operating models on virtual stands in virtual pavilions.

You can also order some certain material or technology. You’ll be able to choose an innovative firm and create a team of specialists for technology introduction.

Almost everyone, from an individual to a definite organization both in Russia and in the world that follow the conditions of participation in SocialExpo, can become its participants.

The main condition of exposure is the signs of novelty in the exposition and possibilities of its spreading and adoption.

Virtual exhibition (VE) is a new multifunctional informational resource that gives an opportunity to increase the efficiency of information searching, to extend the range of necessary connections aimed at technology exchange to a wide range of users.

Virtual exhibitions advantages over traditional ones are the following: the duration of their conducting is unlimited, the virtual exhibition is accessible day and night for users not only during strictly limited time but constantly.

Virtual e exhibitions allow avoiding financial expenses on promotion of theirs services and providing bringing wide textual and graphical information about provided services, new projects, commercial suggestions and other information to all the Internet users.

Virtual exhibition is accessible for the Internet users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Virtual exhibition stands are an opportunity for the visitors to learn about suggested technologies at most. In this case there is no need to go anywhere or seek anything because all information is presented in the most convenient way.