Great country – a worthy population

By 2025 the population of Russia will be reduced by 11 million because of the alcoholism

These perspectives are determined by the UNO (United Nations Organization) report of development program.

The reason of the demographic catastrophe is the law level of life and a special Russian factor as immoderate alcohol usage as the UNO’s experts consider.

Migrants will not help us because the quantity of able-bodied population is reduced as It follows from this report. It will cause the delay of economic growth rates of the country. It is a vicious circle.

By the way, even after the Second World’s War where almost 30 million of our citizens perished, our country took the 4th place in the world by the quantity of population… What should be done now?

Expert opinion Yuri Krupnij, the chairman of observant soviet of Demography, Migration and Regional Development Institute: “The powerful demographic policy is necessary”

- To my mind, the UNO’s estimation of figures is right. The main reason of this demographic decline is not only alcohol but a social and an economic situation in the country that cause its high level of usage. Unfortunately, this situation is still depressed since 90-s years.

By the way, recent declaration of the prime-minister Vladimir Putin about exceeding of births under deaths this year for the first time is correct enough. However, this is the result of anti-alcohol company in the beginning of rebuilding. In was a splash of national optimism, expectation of big changes – all these factors caused the rise of births. Today people, who were born in that period, are young parents and give us such a beautiful picture. But it will be changed in two years and we will fall into the demographic pit.

That is why we need a powerful demographic policy today, built on incentives to bear children. One of the first principled steps has already been done – the introduction of program “maternal capital”. It is necessary to improve and develop the system of child’s benefits and privileges for young families. Programs of dwelling and medical service are connected with it. These programs are the part of national projects, but it goes slower than we would like.

The central place in the Demography takes part a research of reproduction of the population as a process of changing one group of people by another. Reproduction of population happens as the result of natural change of generations – birthrate and mortality or so-called a natural motion of population. The population of certain areas is also changed as the result of arriving people from other areas (immigration) and leaving them on other areas (emigration), together forming a migration or mechanical motion of the population. At last, population is changing by moving people from one state to another (from one group to another) as they change their age, marital status, amount of children (demographic mobility) or the level of education, profession, social status (social mobility).Thus in wide interpretation the population reproduction is a change of its quantity, structure and distribution under the influence of demographic processes – natural motion, migration and mobility of population. Independent meaning in the demography has a process of formation, development and disintegration of families. Changes of population and its parts are regards in the demography not only in quantitative aspects but in quality too, for example increase not only amount of specialists and connected with it changes of professional structure of the population but increase the level of training; not only change quantity of people of a definite age but their physical development, etc. In the demography different signs of people characterize population at all and also characterize concrete groups as independent research object.