Social news

Source: PRIME-TASS. Food enterprises are checked on observance of ecologic standards. Russian Supervision of Nature and Russian Hydrometeorology will verify the observance of ecologic legislation of the RF by enterprises of food branch in Moscow and the Moscow region because of the frequent citizens’ complaints, as the Ministry of Nature reported.


• Source: Evening Moscow "Mosvodostok" (“Moccow drain”) pollute the Moscow River. Russian Consumer Supervision (Rospotrebnadsor) in Moscow aroused an administrative action in attitude to State Unitary Enterprises “Mosvodostok” after the checkup which revealed the violations of sanitary-epidemiological norms of enterprises in sewage water output in the Moscow River, as the press-service management reports.


• Young medical specialists who come to work in the Chelyabinsk health care institutions, will be paid the one-time grant of 100 000 rubles. This one and other decisions to involve medical staff were made by the municipal government of regional centre.


• Source - Russian PC. The Russian Public Chamber within the “Eco-responsibility” project offers to reconsider the urban program “Environmental protection for 2012-2016” by the Moscow government and to discuss the opportunities of its development taking into account the opinions of experts and the public representatives.


• Source: Tula News Service. The salary of Tula officials will depend on the quality of their work. The effective work’s criterion of a new Tula government will become the quantity of citizens’ appeals to the authorities, the salary of officials will depend on the quality of their answers, as the head of the region Vladimir Gruzdev informed. According to his words, a new regional government intends to organize the effective feedback with the population by the qualitative state and municipal services. “It is important for us to know how people will be satisfied with the answers on behalf of the Tula region government”, - V. Gruzdev said.


News Agency REGNUM Social responsible businessmen will be supported by the Lipetsk region government – as press office of municipal administration was informed (as a result of “a round table” with a participation of authorities, law-enforcement structures and businessmen).“Next year it is planning to change the objective program and give an opportunity to municipalities to support social responsible business” – as the leader of small and medium business development Regional Department Sergei Bugakov said. As a support, privileges of property task will be given if an entrepreneur hires ex-prisoner. So, the municipality intends to increase the level of businessmen’ social responsibility. As the government believes, these measures will be prevention of crime.


Source: Rosbalt New professional schools will be developed and nursery schools will be built. The 25th of August the Major of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin participated in City Pedagogy Conference “Moscow education – the foundation of quality of Moscow citizens life. Major’s press-office and the government were informed of it. As the Major says, today the government of Moscow elaborates the program “Capital Education” for 2012-2016, according to which 1.5 trillion rubles will be directed to develop capital’s educational institutions during five years. The main purpose of the program is to provide Moscow families with the necessary quantity of preschool educational institutions where there must be good conditions for educational process and modern equipment. The Major also added that it is important to give the opportunity to children under school age to realize their own abilities and to adapt educational institutions for children with disabilities. Development of professional schools and institutions is one of the program tasks as Sobyanin noticed. According to the personnel center "UNITY" data, one of the recognized leader in recruitment market, during the last three years 42,2% of Russians have changed their employers. 30,4% of them changed their work once; 9,3% - twice and 2,5% - more than three times. The frequency of work change is accounted by many factors: from “whiteness" of the company to the territorial office location. But the main reason is a demotivation as a result of unsatisfactory material and non-financial incentives. In the first case there is a slow salary growth, in the second – there is a routine work and no career planning. Experts of “UNITY" concluded that besides financial dissatisfaction, about 70% collaborators don’t feel a personal importance and don’t see their future in the company they work. So, the most famous response to a question about the reason for job search is that organization doesn’t give a feedback of work results, doesn’t discuss the perspectives of development.As a result a person doesn’t feel motivation and stops trying. In Russia costs could be reduced by 15% for products, by 10% for communication, and by 25-30% for real estate. As experts in the government say, bureaucracy and legalized corruption are responsible for that.


News. Teleportation exists. Transport can sink into oblivion. Japanese physicists will teach teleportation to the people of the planet. For the present it’s possible to transfer only a beam of light but it’s already a scientific achievement.


RIA News. Center of early oncology diagnosis will be opened in Khabarovsk in 2012.


“Vzgl’ad(View). Igor Beloborodov: Population of Russia will be reduced to 80 million.


“Policy”. “Index of happiness” was offered to introduce in the UN. Ambassador of Bhutan in the UN Lhatu Wangchuk offered to introduce “Index of happiness” to measure the quality of life in different countries.


“Politics”. Foreign diplomas will be legalized in Russia. The government introduced to the State Duma a bill about recognition of the diplomas of leading foreign universities in Russia without additional procedures.


“Economics”. Public Corporation “Russian Railways” plans to be actively involved in a system of passenger transportation between Russia and EU countries.


“Society”. The old believers come back from Bolivia to Russia. Another group of more than 30 old believers has arrived.


Elena Skrypnik: Agriculture in Russia is on the rise. In all branches of agriculture there is an increase of indexes and products. 17 million tons of grain were gathered.


The bronze monument to the most famous literary doctor Aibolit was opened in Anapa.


Radio “Mayak” (Beacon). Under the pressure of campaigns which struggle against obesity McDonald's announced the fast changes in composition of child sets Happy Meal. The purpose is to reduce calories.


RIA “News”. Shatalov: in 2014 the cheapest cigarettes will cost 36 rubles, vodka will cost 200.


D. Medvedev: “The decision was taken to reduce the maximum rate of compulsory insurance payment from 34% to 30% in 2012 and for small business in production and social sphere – to 20%".


V. Putin: Unemployment in Russia reduced from 5,8 to 4,6 million people (from 7,8% to 6,6%).


S. Katyrin, Chamber of Commerce’s leader: “Successful realization of innovative development in Russia is hardly possible as there’s no market of innovations in the country”. “Russian business is not motivated to use innovations”.


RIA News. Deputy Minister of Finance S. Shatalov:”Russia will have to increase retirement age, it’s impossible to avoid its gradually increasing till 65 years old”.


India is declared the most depressive country in the world. According to the research data of the World Health Organization, 36% of Indians suffer from depression.


State Duma passed the bill establishing a new procedure of accumulated part of pension payment.


Orphans in Russia have a right to rent housing from a special fund for 5 years.


RIA “News” Moscow authorities intend to develop small shops of narrow specialization (bakery, meat and fish, household goods, etc.).